About us

BREMEN can do more…

…is our vision!


We are true Bremers and love our city.
The special passion for quality and the enthusiasm for new things, inspired us to develop innovative products for Bremen.

It all started in 2018 with the development of the Bremer Box:

The classic gift basked in a braid style and cellophane were history to us.

It was time for a new idea.

We cut off old pigtails and developed a new, fresh gift concept.
So, we illustrated the Town Musicians of Bremen as brand ambassadors for products from Bremen and developed a modern gift box revolving around the world-famous figures.
In four differently sized boxes (Rooster, Cat, Dog, Donkey), fitting combinations of delicacies from local manufacturers are offered, such as selected brandies, craft beers, coffee, wine, hand-made chocolates, tea and much more.


The great approval of our customers inspired us to develop and produce some of our own products.
And we did.

SWEET BREMEN© was born.

On this website, we showcase our newest creations.
New, innovative products for Bremen in the best quality.