Domshof Passage

The most direct and at the same time most beautiful connection between the Domshof and the shoppingstreet Sögestraße is the Domshof-Passage.

As part of the Katharinen quarter with its more than 50 shops, it offers an interplay of selected shops under its glass roof, whose assortment matches the exclusive flair of the passage architecture.

Although the Domshof Passage was opened just in 1998, it quickly became the address for the very special.

In the weather-protected quarter you will find sophisticated assortments, especially from the areas of fashion, accessories and gifts. Gastronomic offerings such as Italian Lifestyle, modern Asia Street cuisine or tea and bread specialties invite you to joyful tastings.

From the Domshof Passage it is only a few steps to the Schüsselkorb with more beautiful shops and a very good accessibility to public transport.

After another 100 meters in northern direction you
will find the Wallboulevard, where specialised shops and several gastronomic establishments await the visitors.

In the extension of the Museumsstraße am Wall, a large new commercial building is being constructedbuilt until 2021: Wallkontor.