From the Bremen Cathedral you walk across Domshof, through
Bischofsnadel, pass through the green Wallanlagen and then
after a few metres you will find yourself directly in Fedelhören.

For generations there has been an exquisite mix of ownermanaged shops here.

Traditionally Fedelhören is considered the street of antiques.

However, renowned fashion designers and artisans started
locating here long ago.

Recently there has been a change in the range of items offered and Fedelhören is now regarded as an insider tip for people who appreciate exceptional objects.

High-quality fashion, unique pieces of jewellery and select
antiques – the selection is boundless.

In Fedelhören you can not only shop in a relaxed atmosphere
and even park in front of the shops, but also sit at ease outside
since the small street with a view of the towers of the Bremen
Cathedral is in a quiet location.

Fedelhören runs via Rembertiring to Dobben.

It is also worthwhile to stroll through the second section of the street. It was redesigned and contains many
new shops.