“I’ll see you next to the pigs …” might sound strange to visitors,
but locals know it means meeting up in the Sögestrasse next to
the statue of the pig farmer and his pigs.

To mark the opening of the first pedestrian zone in the city, the street’s shop owners paid for the group designed by sculptor Peter Lehmann.

Not everybody in the 1970’s welcomed the no-traffic idea.

But success proved them wrong.

Today, cars are unthinkable here.

People love the pigs and have a lot of fun with them.

They’re certainly great for photos.

Free WLAN means snaps can be sent from here all over the world.

The Sögestrasse is one of the city’s oldest streets.

“Söge” means “sow”, and in the Middle Ages, pigs used to be driven through the street.

The pigs gobbled up waste from the bakers and brewers who dominated theSögestrasse.