The Bremen Town Musicians

Once there was a donkey whose strengh began to fail.

His master wanted to get rid of him,but the donkey ran away to Bremen to become a town musician.

On then way he found a hound on the road.

“Why are you so breathless?” asked the donkey.

“I am old. I escaped as my master was going to slain me.” said the dog.

“I am going to Bremen to become town musician.

You may come with me!” said the donkey.

It was not long before they came to a cat with a face as long as a fiddle.

It complained:” my mistress wanted to drown me.”

“Go with us to Bremen,” said the donkey and the cat came along.

After they passed by a yard a rooster was perched on the gate crowing with all his might:”The mistress wants to eat me in the soup tomorrow.

Now i scream as long as i can!”

“Move with us to Bremen,” said the donkey,”you´ll find something better than death everywhere!”

On the way to the Hanseatic city, they hogged a robber´s house.

The robbers fled, the four had the house to themselves, taking fate into your own hands, taking risks and pursuing common goals – the”moral of history” is manifold, there is excitement and planty of variations when retelling.